Get Your Peace of Mind Back

  • I break my pricing up into three categories. As one size doesn’t fit all and I’m only charging for my time and effort.

  • Choose the option that fits your situation.

  • Should you want someone to talk to, all Options include one session with certified coach Kay Saito. Kay is a  CTACC Personal & Corporate Coach, CTA Certified Coach and a Member of the International Coach Federation.    

  • Payment info is securely handed by PayPal, no payment information is kept on my site or server. 

  • My service is 100 percent confidential and 100 percent Money Back Guaranteed if in the rare case the content cant be taken down.

Option 1


1 to 5 Links ( URL’s )

29.00 USD

Option 2


6 to 20 Links ( URL’s )

50.00 USD

Option 3


21 to 50 Links ( URL’s )

75.00 USD