Restore Your Peace of Mind

-Have your personal photos/videos/media ended up online?

 – Have photos/videos/media with you in them ended up online?

-If someone put them online without your consent I can get them removed.


How PictureTakeDown Works?

Have you found websites that put up your pictures / videos / media, without your consent? Even if you did not personally take them, as long as you’re in them I can get them removed quickly and professionally using  the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

What I get Removed

Pictures / Videos

Adult Material / Videos / Pictures

Non-consensual pornography (NCP)

Revenge Porn

Embarrasing Pictures

Youtube Videos

Content on Social Websites




This site is here to help and if for some unforeseeable reason your content cannot be removed my service offers a 100 percent money back guarantee.

The only way this wouldn’t apply is if you lied and are not in or own said content. Don’t lie to get other peoples content removed, it’s not cool.




We collect only necessary information: Your name, email, a link to the content in question and short explanation of your situation.

After you submit that information and your payment has cleared I will start right away. I will create a take down notice using the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act and send it to the appropriate websites.

Once the notice is delivered, you can expect the content to removed quickly. In most cases this happens within 48 hours; However, on occasion it may take up to a week if the server is located in another country or does not use English as there primary language.



This site employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Establishing a secure connection between you and my site.

Paypal handles all payment information and nothing is kept on server therefore, nothing can be hacked. Your information is secure.

Your personal information is deleted once I am done with your TakeDown.


I started this service after many of my friends had pictures/videos/content put online without their consent. I myself found personal pictures online without my knowledge. I was forced do weeks of research to even figure out how approach removing these unwanted pictures. After my experience, I’ve become an expert at removing content.

I only charge a small fee for my time and to keep this site running. Don’t let your pictures/videos/etc multiply. The longer the content is online the more places it will begin to pop up.


Why Use

Experience – I have gone through what you’re going through and will do everything that I can to help you. 

Affordable – Don’t waste your money paying for other services that are charging a premium and specialize in helping businesses not people.

100% Confidential – Once your TakeDown is finished, I delete any information that you have sent.

Perks – My service includes one session with a highly certified coach. Use Kay to talk through anything that’s going through your mind. Who knows, she might just lift you to new heights!



About Kay Saito



I’ve teamed up with Kay Saito to offer her services to people who may not know what the next steps are that they should take. Kay is a top tier life coach that has had various experiences that make her ideal for people in transitions, tough spots or getting to the next level. With my service you move to the top of her list for one session where you can talk to her about your unique situation and brain storm next steps. It might be a great idea to get out of your head and talk to someone. If I had to choose anyone, it would be Kay.



Questions? Not sure ? Send in your situation and I’ll respond right away to tell you if I can help.

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    All our payment information is handeled Securely by Paypal. No information is kept on the site or server.



    Help somehow my private pictures ended up online!? or Someone posted my private pictures now what?

    – In both cases this is exactly what this site is here to help with. Fortunately for you, I’ve already been through this situation and now have the knowledge and expertise to help you.

    I live outside of the United State, can I still use your services?

    -Absolutely, most websites and servers world wide will accept DMCA take down requests.

    How long does it take Fill out all the information?

    -5 to 10 minutes, that includes filling out the required information on your stolen content and submitting your payment info.

    My ex uploaded intimate / private content to a website without permission?

    -You have come to the right place! My specialty is in taking down personal pictures that were posted without consent.

    After I finish paying, what next?

    -I start your take down right away, also should you want the included one free session with a certified coach I will send you an email with all of the necessary information. The next time I contact you will most likely be to inform you that your content has successfully been taken down.

    I didn’t take the picture / video but, I am in it and someone has posted it to a website?

    – Again you have come to the right place. This is just one of many examples that can be resolved with a DMCA takedown notice. If you did not give permission for the content to be published online, it can be taken down.

    Why choose

    -I have personally been in this type of situation and have been successful in taking down my friends and my private photos from websites. I also offer a complementary over the phone session with a certified coach.

    -- Disclaimer --
    I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV. This is not legal advice.